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Zip Analyser is the only real estate technology that delivers the most current economic and demographic growth data online today!

For real estate investors, Realtors, and Builder/Developers.

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How Current Market Economic and Demographic Data is Access by Businesses Today

Big Franchisers and Retails build their own proprietary in-house data-mapping system. They buy & aggregate expensive monthly/quarterly data, & build their own proprietary technology. Costing over $500K to build. Big players have access; real estate investors, Realtors, developers, and small businesses do not.

What Your Free Trial Includes

Access the CORE Drivers of Real Estate RISK in any County you select. And all sub-markets which include All Census Tract and Census Block Groups – 10-Day Free Trail

Access the Leading Economic Indicators and Leading Demographic Indicators GROWTH IN

  • Affordability
  • Disposable Income
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Job Growth
  • Labor Force
  • Median Income
  • Net Worth
  • New Business Growth
  • Population
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Vacancy Rate


  • Measure and analyze any local housing market in seconds - Find emerging markets for redevelopment and make more profits.
  • Optimize your investment portfolios, based upon the latest local growth and 36-month forecasts. Maximizing growth potential is Key, in getting higher returns on your investment.
  • Download professional reports and use them to drive sales and profits. With no need for additional legwork, research, or useless yearly data or inaccurate home forecasts.
  • Intelligently make profitable decisions on, where to build, buy, locate, or sell, all in a few clicks and... ALL IN A FEW SECONDS!

36 Month Block Forecast Portfolio Analysis - know when to sell and which city block to reinvest, in real-time.

Real Estate Brokers and Investors

Real Estate Brokers and Investors

  • Pinpoint new opportunities and trends in Real Estate
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Mitigate rise for residential and commercial real estate.real estate.
Retailers and Small Business

Retailers and Small Business

  • Find the ideal location for your expansion.
  • Reduce workload associated with on-site research.
  • Get familiar with unknown real estate markets and growth patterns.
Developers and Real Estate Investors

Developers and Real Estate Investors

  • Instant economic and real estate growth indicators provide transparency in local markets.
  • Reduce risk of new Real Estate investments.
  • Monthly/quarterly updated analytics improves and speeds decisions.

Monthly/quarterly updated leading economic indicators.

Zip Analyser delivers unique residential & commercial real estate technology and tools. Visualize and understand the core drivers of economic growth and your brand at the city block level and any larger neighborhood, in a matter of seconds, using our Zip Analyser intelligence data-driven visualization software.

Access economic growth indicators and monitor market changes with a click of a button. Growth Maps is changing the scope of Real Estate research and technology.
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Our platform combines the most up-to-date private and public data, and displays this information in a visual format to help businesses, investors and brokers gain a strong competitive edge.You can request a free demo by simply filling an online form.

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Just Getting Started?

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