As many Ted speakers and other real estate professionals have stated, what matters is the Big WHY?   Why should I listen to you?  Why is your technology better than X?  Why does your business exist?  And of course, the always present, “What’s in it for me?”

So what is the big “Why” of real estate market data in 2020 and “What’s in it” for you?

First some background:

With over 10,000 hours of research, development and testing by the Zip Analyser technical team has produced predictive models that are unrivaled in the real estate industry. Zip Analyser has identified the 11 local leading economic indicators and demographic factors that most directly correlate with future property values. Back testing of the models has demonstrated a 98.1% accuracy for the 36-month property value forecasts.

Zip Analyser is the first firm to provide current local market growth data and accurate local real estate forecasts to help real estate investors make smarter and more profitable decisions. We are opening up a whole new and different category of real estate market data, to help real estate investors today, and project future value, risk, and performance for tomorrow.

What Is Our Big WHY?


Every Investor should have access to:

  • Current Market Data
  • Leading Economic Indicators
  • Accurate Local Real Estate Forecasts

This data in NOT online, That’s Why we created


The BIG Why
The BIG Why

What’s in it for you?  First test the waters and learn.  You can kick the tires and see more at

http://old.zipanalyser.com/info    Once you have access to better and more current market data, you tell me, learn and use data to your advantage to make more sales, or stick your head in the sand, and say I like the status quo and I like being uniformed.

2020 will tell if data matters.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and comments,

Eddie, CEO of Zip Analyser

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