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Increase the scope and awareness of local markets and growth data through

Create professional local market analysis reports

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Identify local growth patterns and property asses risk on reports

  • Improve data access and technology at your local real estate office, improve training, and attract top agents
  • Leverage advanced data-mapping technology and marketing – helps close the deal and more deals
  • Leverage unique proprietary local intelligence, to help your clients make smarter investments and site selections, based upon your or their selected, weighed criteria within any metro or local market block group
  • Zip Analyser collects data, every month, of demographic, economic, and socioeconomic data, from reputable businesses and data brokers / vendors, and calculate the latest growth patterns on over 367,000 US markets. On over 210,000 submarket Census Block Groups, 67,000 Census Tracts, and over 40,000 Zip Codes.

In real estate, “location, location, location” matters the most. Real estate professionals have long realized that economic conditions can vary quite a bit within a single Block or Zip Code. On one street you might have Class A office buildings with upscale buildings, where values are increasing, yet two streets over, you’ve got urban blight, where values are declining. Until Zip Analyser getting this granular data and ability identify micro-areas of growth or decline, has been near impossible. No more strategies or guessing or hoping.