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Our Story

Being able to make informed decisions is the key to success in real estate and having local submarket forecasting data is the key to informed decisions. Because this local market data was not available to any real estate professional, we founded Zip Analyser to provide it. After over 10,000 hours of research, development, and testing, we launched.   Zip Analyser is now available to help everyone in the real estate industry, make better and more informed decisions.


About Our New Data and Technology

Our Mission

We believe all real estate professionals have the right to access to the most current market and submarket growth data, economic indicators, and submarket forecasts, to make informed buying and selling decisions. To lower their risk and make smarter real estate decisions. Today real estate professionals and investors are flying blind. Since such data does not exist online. It from this struggle, we built Zip Analyzer.

Zip Analyzer is the only data visualization platform that instantly displays the latest local demographic & economic growth information with up to 36-month forecast reports. This platform covers any location in the United States and is available for individual investors as single, affordable reports, as well as through volume discount subscription packages for institutional investors, lenders, developers, franchisors and anybody who has a large-scale need to evaluate multiple investment properties and real estate markets.

Zip Analyzer is the first of its kind, data-mapping technology that empowers users to profit more from commercial and residential real estate investing by accessing the most up to date demographic and economic growth data.

More Complete, Accurate, and Current Data

Even the most popular Real Estate companies or intelligence software lack the online tools offered by Zip Analyser. Real Estate professionals can save thousands of hours and dollars on buying data from countless vendors, as Zip Analyser aggregates all the current economic and demographic growth data they need and delivers with vastly improved dynamic technology, in simple, visualization report formats.

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