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Tech Real Estate
Tech Real Estate

Welcome to the Topic “Tech Real Estate” In some ways, the real estate industry is behind other corporate sectors in terms of the rate at which it has embraced various forms of technology. It was in part owing to an

Real Estate Technology Companies
Real Estate Technology Companies

Welcome to the Topic “Real Estate Technology Companies” It seems like there is a new real estate technology company founded every single day. When so many businesses compete for customers’ attention in the same industry, it can be difficult to

What I pray for – Real estate technology – Where to Invest in Real Estate

Real estate technology What I pray for —  I woke up this morning in a semi-dream state, not being able to awake; stuck praying that things will get better. But then realized this is not going to happen in 2020.

Real Estate Education and What’s New?

Not long ago, the housing market was booming, thanks to a strong job market and low mortgage rates that enabled the buyer to turn to real estate. However, at the turn of the year, something unpredictable in the form of

Real estate market analysis and new technology in 2020

Imagine if you were a salesperson, a Realtor or seller of the largest asset in America that people own – Real Estate and that you did not have access to current data. Just imagine. But anyone can watch the news

New Technology for Real Estate Market Analysis & Covid-19

Imagine if you were a salesperson, a Realtor and seller, of the largest asset group in America – Real Estate – and that you did not have access to current data.  Just imagine that.  And any homebuyer or seller or


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