Gain more customers and market share with: improved submarket market data and reports, cutting-edge technologies, and improved efficiencies.

Commercial Brokers need to:

  • Close more deals and close them faster
  • Mitigate risk for their clients and businesses, and investors
  • Get more deals and reoccurring business and customers
  • Have a strategic advantage over other competitors

Zip Analyser helps Commercial/Multifamily in multiple ways:

Improved Submarket Market Data Reports

  • Analyze the most relevant submarket markets that are growing or declining for your CRE clients
  • Zip Analyser updates this information monthly and makes it available to businesses in easy to understand real-time user-generated data-maps that can be filtered and displayed by Zip Code, Neighborhood, and Block Group.
  • Access to the most current data and technology is a core reason for a client to choose you, over some other firm or broker

Improved Efficiencies

  • Motivated buyers/clients – they have real $$$$ at stake. On all sides, the Broker, Buyer, and Investor
  • More stable commissions and income
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing submarket market conditions and growth
  • More quality leads that convert
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies in over 300,000 US markets
  • Become an expert in your market with real-time data visualization and submarket reports detailing critical local growth patterns. Incorporate graphs, tables, and maps to enhance your presentation
  • Quickly drill down from a macro view to individual Block Groups or Tracts, to understand the market movers, and what drives local land prices
  • Better advanced marketing tools, and submarket market custom reports

Improved Cutting-Edge Technologies

  • CRE brokers are “responsible” to present the best data to their client and “expected” to have local knowledge, and the latest data and technology
  • Access real-time data visualization and the leading indicators of submarket growth – the drivers of land prices
  • See the insider’s view of the local and national real estate markets in easy to understand real-time, user-generated data-maps that can be filtered and displayed by zip code, neighborhood and block group
  • Leverage better tools, better interactive maps, better submarket reports
  • Access the most current local data online, and make smart location-based decisions
  • Instantly visualize and compare over 300,000 US markets growth patterns with easy to compare key metrics, across different markets on a 3-12 month growth chart

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