Commercial Real Estate and Multifamily Professionals

Gain more customers and market share with improved submarket market data and reports, cutting-edge technologies, and improved efficiencies.

  • Close the “right” deals and close them faster
  • Get more deals and reoccurring business and customers
  • Have a strategic advantage over your competitors

Improved Submarket Market Data Reports

  • Analyze the most relevant submarkets that are growing or declining
  • ZipAnalyser updates this information monthly and makes it available to businesses in easy to understand real-time user-generated data-maps that can be filtered and displayed by Zip Code, Neighborhood, and Block Group.
  • Quickly drill down from a macro view to individual Block Groups or Tracts, to understand the market movers, and what drives local land prices
  • Better advanced marketing tools, and submarket market custom reports

Improved Cutting-Edge Technologies

  • Access real-time data visualization and the leading indicators of submarket growth – the drivers of land prices
  • See the insider’s view of the local and national real estate markets in easy to understand real-time, user-generated data-maps that can be filtered and displayed by zip code, neighborhood and block group
  • Leverage better tools, better interactive maps, better submarket reports
  • Access the most current local data online, and make smart location-based decisions
  • Instantly visualize and compare over 310,000 US markets growth patterns with easy to compare key metrics, across different markets on a 36-month growth forecast chart
  • The ideal platform – delivers monthly and quarterly economic and demographic growth patterns, with a continual process of collecting and optimizing critical datasets that affect ROI, property value and profits

Retailers and Franchisors

We provide you with everything necessary to access the latest leading demographic and economic indicators for proper site selection and location analysis.

Access the Most Current Local Demographics and Economic Growth Data

  • Make smarter fundamental, quantitative location-based decisions based upon current submarket trends
  • Make smarter investments and site selections
  • Access the most current submarket growth demographics
  • Identify underserved industry segments for potential businesses in your local and submarket markets

Leverage Real-Time Heatmap Technology for Planning

  • GIS helps retailers make these strategic business plans, understand customers, and evaluate current submarket market potential, and growth patterns
  • Create a game plan for turning your business intelligence into more valuable, actionable information
  • Leverage GIS (Geographic Information System) statistical analysis and database technology to help your business view spatial data, all in real-time and on all mobile devices
  • Advanced GIS helps you to increase productivity and decrease costs and risk
  • The ideal platform – delivers monthly and quarterly economic and demographic growth patterns, with a continual process of collecting and optimizing critical datasets that affect ROI, property value and profits
  • Compare markets for growth potential

Analyze Your Local Market and Submarket Performance

  • Advanced analytics and due diligence at the submarket block group level – on all markets
  • Analyze growth data such as disposable income, population growth, net worth growth, and dozens of other critical local growth factors – access to leading economic indicators that affect land prices
  • Expert market planning and site selection
  • Quickly assess submarket market conditions and forecast performance


Increase the scope and awareness of local markets and growth data to better estimate current and future property values

Create professional local market analysis reports

  • Sample Single Variable Report
  • Sample Multi Variable Report
  • Sample Comprehensive Real Estate Forecast Report

Identify local growth patterns and their effects on individual properties

  • Leverage unique proprietary local intelligence, to help your clients make smarter investments and site selections, based upon your or their selected, weighed criteria within any metro or local market block group
  • ZipAnalyser collects data, every month, of demographic, economic, and socioeconomic data, from reputable businesses and data brokers / vendors, and calculate the latest growth patterns on over 367,000 US markets. On over 310,000 submarket Census Block Groups, 67,000 Census Tracts, and over 40,000 Zip Codes.


Leverage ZipAnalyser for Increased Listings and Faster Sales

ZipAnalyser gives real estate brokers and agents an edge over the competition and reduces the risk of investment and personal real estate decision making. ZipAnalyser is built to provide real time analytics to the Real Estate industry and bridge the gap between data accessibility and analysis. ZipAnalyser collects, funnels, and analyzes leading economic indicators and demographic growth instantly, all within one easy-to-usereal estate technology platform.

Apply Precise Decision Making

  • Access to the most current data and technology is a core reason for a client to choose you, over some other firm or broker
  • ZipAnalyser changes hard-to-find and understand datasets into visual information, and finds “unseen” correlations from 11 key indicators to help you gain a strong strategic advantage.
  • Our propriety real-time data mapping software takes a quantum leap in real estate investing, with our local forecasting models, and user-generated data-maps, businesses and investors will finally be able to make smarter decisions, no matter if the local market is going up or down in value, or in their backyard, or 3,000 miles away.
  • Change demographic & leading economic indicators on the fly and create powerful custom reports that instantly highlight neighborhood growth, down to city block level.

Improved Efficiencies

  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing submarket market conditions and growth
  • More quality leads that convert
  • More stable commissions and income
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies in over 310,000 US markets
  • Become an expert in your market with real-time data visualization and submarket reports detailing critical local growth patterns. Incorporate graphs, tables, and maps to enhance your presentation
  • Quickly drill down from a macro view to individual Block Groups or Tracts, to understand the market movers, and what drives local land prices
  • Better advanced marketing tools, and submarket market custom reports


Maximize Your ROI While Minimizing Risk

Make smarter real estate investments and increase profits with new data and technology

Discover and Identify Top Local Markets

  • Discover which metro market and local submarkets are hotornot, today and forecasted three years into the future
  • Identify potential investment opportunities by targeting growing / merging markets that meet your specific weighted criteria
  • Data-maps tell the growth patterns and where to buy, dots-on-maps or mashup can’t come close
  • Discover your true risk and expected ROI, instead of simple single variable linear trends
  • Quickly and easily become local expert on any market

Time the Submarket Markets Right for Max ROI

  • Know when to sell to maximize your revenues, while reducing risk
  • Assess the stage of the market cycle – when to buy, sell or hold – on over 310,000 US markets
  • Real hyper-local market data, not out-of-date market forecasts and stale reports – accurately predict market trends to give you a competitive advantage
  • Reduce risk, holding times, and carrying costs to maximize ROI

Eliminate Guesswork

  • Discover your true risk and expected ROI, instead of guessing and false assumptions about continued growth and simple linear trends
  • Eliminate the guesswork and manual labor to accurately determine current and future property price values
  • Discover real information backed up with data, rather than anecdotal news information
  • Compare markets dynamically to make smarter investments, investment portfolios, and project decisions
  • Leverage real time analytics and take advantage of overlooked opportunities.
  • Pinpoint hot buys to drive sales and profits from real estate market trends no one else has yet discovered.


Providing the competitive edge for site selection, analysis, and advanced local growth data marketing

Identify Sites

ZipAnalyser provides granularhyper-local market data and proven Advanced Forecasting Models based upon the most current data, not broad-market forecasts from stale yearly data reports.

Unlike our competitors, ZipAnalyser compiles market data daily, so developers can pinpoint market trends and predictors long before it makes the news giving developers the competitive edge in acquisitions, sales, and developing trends to crush the competition

Create Feasibility Options

  • Proper portfolio management – sell and reinvest at the right time and place
  • Finding the right market to focus on, to begin investing – not just forecasting, but the reasons “WHY” a local market will go up or down in the future
  • Integrate unique aggregated data and technology, with your website or platform, to increase visitor sales, engagement and revenues

Market Your Assets and Projects

  • The saying that in real estate location, location, location, are the most important facets, is not only true, but ties perfectly in how you can use real-time local market analytics to gain a lucrative, strategic edge for your business.
  • The growth of cloud servers, faster computing power, blending of offline and online public data, and new proprietary innovations, can give your business an edge in both the commercial and residential real estate industries.

Increase equity while reducing real risk from the “unknowns”

Financial Services

We provide the information and tools necessary for improved risk models, more accurate local market analytics, and the ability to cherry-pick local trends to invest and sell smart and fast.

Improved Risk Models

  • Increase confidence in property valuation and investment decisions
  • Gain access to critical hard-to-find local aggregated data, with real-time local analytics
  • Increase transitions, and improve market share, profit margins, and risk models
  • Proper risk/reward assessment based upon current local market growth facts
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and submarket growth patterns
  • Competitive advantage – offer more competitive rates with better risk assessment

Accurate Local Market Analytics

  • Eliminate guesswork, false assumptions, and months of driving around and data compilation
  • Done-for-you technology, with no expensive data or software to buy, or requiring any GIS programming
  • Ease of use, simple intuitive interface, and technology with mobile applications, are keys in today’s new technologies

Improved Efficiencies

  • Cherry pick loan pools and investment portfolios based upon latest local market trends and 36-month Block Group forecasts to lower risk and increase profits
  • Knowledge is king – knowing instantly which loans or assets to keep in your portfolio, can make or break investment returns
  • Better lead-gen, on-boarding, and training/education on the better solutions
  • Better MBS creation, portfolio management, and buying/selling loan polls

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