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Zip Analyzer Data Visualizer is a powerful new data-mapping system that is more up-to-date demographic factors and socioeconomic factors than any other online.

Zip Analyzer is the only online data source for current local market growth online, and we display this growth data in real-time, in our new Data Visualizer tool. See in action.

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Why Zip Analyser Home Forecasts are the most accurate local forecasts on the market

Zip Analyser Data Visualizer is a powerful new data-mapping system that is more up-to-date than any other. Our market data has superior granularity and frequency of updates than any other.

We focused on leading indicators that affect risk, demographic factors and socioeconomic factors, along with submarket price forecasts which include:

With the right and current data and technology, any real estate professional can properly assess opportunities and risk, by accessing current local growth and price forecasts to properly assess local market Buy and Sell signals. We cover over 300,000 US markets – with real-time, user-generated data-maps. And our Block Group forecasting models are unrivaled in the real estate industry.

It doesn’t get any better than Zip Analyser for targeted, up-to-date market data and new real estate technology. Check us out:


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