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Zip Analyser is a web-based real estate data and information company that has developed a software platform that aggregates and displays the latest block, tract, zip code, and larger market levels growth patterns of the latest, monthly/quarterly updated leading demographic indicators and leading economic indicators that has a huge effect on the future of real estate prices. Inputs can be customized based on user preference while output is displayed in easy to use and understand heat-maps. Zip Analyser has developed and owns its software and subscribes to the data it offers.  Zip Analyser offers current data and has also developed a unique and proprietary predictive model to provide a look at future values in 12, 24 and 36 months.  Zip Analyser will also create additional unique and proprietary information products to sell and use to create awareness and to build brand value.

We display the latest block, tract, zip code, and larger market levels growth patterns of the latest, monthly/quarterly updated demographic and economic data that has a huge effect on the future of real estate prices and risk.

They can improve their ROI by knowing when and where to buy or sell.  For firms offering mortgages or mortgage insurance they can create better pricing and underwriting models and can target more promising areas while avoiding problematic areas.   Firms can will also have better intelligence to help them re-balance a portfolio of loans or re-insure an insurance portfolio.

Users of Zip Analyser can learn of growing and declining neighborhoods before they are reflected in prices.  For example, an investor wants to buy property in Atlanta or Dallas.  He knows these are promising markets, but exactly where in these cities should he be looking and where should he avoid?  As a user of Zip Analyser, he can enter in the metro area and learn exactly which neighborhoods in each of these cities has the highest income, lowest unemployment, highest population growth, etc. Furthermore, he can compare one neighborhood with another in the same city or in different cities.  The Zip Analyser’ platform a will also show users which neighborhoods to avoid and are on the decline.

Another example, a portfolio manager managing a nationwide portfolio of real estate assets can establish alerts to be alerted to neighborhoods that hit certain criteria (i.e. out-migration and increasing unemployment) and could be headed for price declines.  With this information, the portfolio manager decides to sell assets now in the problematic neighborhoods rather than wait for lower prices.   Another example, a mortgage insurance company can be alerted to neighborhoods where unemployment is increasing and incomes are declining and re-price their offer, or change guidelines or procedures, or re-focus new business efforts in more promising neighborhoods.  Another example, a mortgage service firm can begin loss mitigation efforts sooner in problematic neighborhoods when a borrower shows signs of trouble.

The aforementioned examples will result in Zip Analyser users increasing their return on investment, identifying buying or selling situations and mitigating potential losses.

We buy a lot of data every month/quarter; none is pulled or online, from various brokers – the same type of data that large investment firms,  builders, and retailers buy and aggregate, to build their in-house proprietary data mapping systems for location intelligence.  No single data vendor has all the best and most reliable data.  

We get our data from 3 main categories: Government Sources, Industry Trade Associations, and, Private Sources, including:
U.S. Government Sources
   – U.S. Census Bureau
   – Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
   – Federal Reserve Board
   – Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis
   – Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
   – Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
   – National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
   – U.S. Post Office
Industry Trade Associations
   – Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
   – National Association of Realtors (NAR)
   – American Bankers Association

Private Sources

  • Zip Analyser is the only web-based platform with the most current, sub-zip code demographic and economic data and growth patterns.
  • Zip Analyser has unique online technology – Our output is in real-time, in easy-to-use and understand heat-maps. Real estate investors can determine the type of data they want to analyze, and can even combine data into their own custom query, to create proprietary data information and custom reports, to be used in their business.
  • Zip Analyser has developed the only hyper-local housing market forecasts, to provide a glimpse into the future, 12 and 24 months forward. And uniquely, Zip Analyser shows the investors, not just these forecasts in real-time heat-maps, but real estate investors, can also discover why a local block or track will go up or down in the future, by examining other core variables that have huge significance of the future value of real estate.


Many real estate web sites and data provider have “current” home values and property information; however the local data they offer is OLD, more than a YEAR old in most cases. Even worse, most variables are at such a high level of geography such as “Market” or City, that these aggregated values are extremely INACCURATE for any home or Block.


Even worse, most variables are at such a high level of geography such as “Market” or City, that these aggregated values are extremely INACCURATE or MISLEADING for real estate investors and home buyers. Even if an investor or real estate professional could compile a large database of current local GIS data, Zip Analyser algorithms and spatial modeling help investors identify changes, trends and slopes in critical variables at the local market level. Zip Analyser saves real estate investors years of frustration and data collection. Our system delivers answers to critical investor questions, fast.

There are many vendors that offer 10-year and yearly demographics.  The Census Bureau has 10-year data that is available from their website.  Most online vendors just sell yearly demographics at a lump price, ranging from $500 to over $5,000 per year, or hundreds of dollars for just a single report of old yearly data.  There are a handful of vendors who update their national database on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basic, but none of these vendors sell online, and their price for data is over $10,000 per year.  Zip Analyser has established strategic relationship with these vendors, so you can profit. With your membership to Zip Analyser, you have no data to buy, no software to develop, and access to the most recent demographic and economic data information and trends available anywhere!

After spending so many years in development, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in data and development, we decided to offer a terrific Guarantee. Of the datasets we provide, we guarantee we have the most current data and growth patterns, available anywhere on the Web!

We believe real estate investors should have access to the most current local market data, leading economic indicators, and accurate local real estate forecasts to make smarter decisions. Today real estate investors are flying blind, and this core data is not on the web. That is why we have invested so much time and resources to get to the public.


Today, this access does not exist, and only large corporations who can afford access, have access.  It is thus our mission to develop the technology to allow real estate professional access.

We are a team of Ph.D.’s, real estate professionals, and IT developers. Zip Analyser was created because our founder, Eddie Godshalk, lost millions as a real estate investor because of inaccurate forecasts of mapping software. That led him to gather a team, buy expensive datasets from government and private sources, and create software that accurately predicts in what area real estate is likely to grow and fall in value.

With over 20-years of experience as agents and real estate investors, we at Zip Analyser keenly know the value of current local information, and the lack of this information has caused great hardships and lack of a clear risk modesl within the financial industry.  Our goal at Zip Analyser, is to leverage our innovations, and improve the services to the real estate and financial industry with greatly improved systems that can instantly access current local data information in an easy-to-use manner.

Anyone can aggregate data online, license ESRI, and hire GIS developers to build their own data-mapping application, for their DESKTOP, but this is ONLY, for the desktop, which is what and how some major builders know about local growth patterns.   TO duplicate just the above, someone would have to build their own custom GIS data visualization software,


First buy and aggregate over 4 years of data for every month/quarter for all 310,000 USA markets and submarkets.  Then buy mapping software which cost thousands of dollars, or develop your own applications using open source or other software. Then hire a top level GIS programmer, and with 4 ½ years have your own custom mapping system in-house. Then build accurate 36-month predictive models for all 311,000+ US markets, which can take even a longer period of time to test and back-test.  Or just use the Zip Analyser, and save a lot of headaches, time, and money.

It is very hard to develop, very time consuming, and takes a lot of custom coding.  The data is not free, and you cannot pull the data from any vendor or website.   It takes a lot of time, many years, and a huge financial investment to build dynamic customizable real-time data-maps, with block group forecasting models.   Currently this technology does not exist on the web.

Real estate investors and real estate professionals are responsible for making the right real estate decision in buying, selling, and pricing, are missing critical data at the Block, Track, and all neighborhood levels.  This lack of current local data, information, and growth patterns, contributes to the potential high risk of holding real estate for the long-term.  Real estate is opaque, and new data and technology is needed for clarity.  And Zip Analyser addresses this core problem head-on.   The lack of quality data and information, contributes to unnecessary losses.   In one city block there is prosperity, and improving demographic and economic changes.   Yet, just two blocks away, there is blight and declining factors that will affect real estate price changes in the future.  How can anyone tell, without better data and technology, without Zip Analyser?

The input for Zip Analyser platform is user driven.   Our customers select a geographical area to assess.  Then select a data type (ie, unemployment) or can blend several data types together and weight them as they wish.  The geographical area can be up to a 3000 foot radius surrounding a specific property, a block in a city, a track in a city,or an entire zip-code.   Additionally, users can select several of these areas to compare.   Once a user has selected the inputs, with a click of their mouse button the output is immediately displayed with current data in real time in an easy to visualize heat-map with different colors representing different percentages.

Zip Analyser covers over 99% of the US marketplace, and covers nearly every Census Block Group, Census Tract, Zip Code, City, and County in the United States.

As a real estate investor, you spend a lot of time evaluating the property, trying to forecast its future value and lower your risks. You can buy reports from national or private sources, but the data they provide is only updated yearly and can cost you thousands of dollars. Another option is to drive around the local area, ask people, guessing about economic growth in the area. You will spend hours of your valuable time for that, and right predictions aren’t guaranteed. Zip Analyser let you analyze local area in seconds by dozens of real current metrics, as heavy datasets and complicated algorithms do the job for you. You will know whether or not you should invest in a particular area and avoid financial losses.


  1. Make better buying and selling decisions
  2. Increased your ROI, sales, and revenues – while reducing unnecessary risk
  3. Measure and analyze any local market in seconds
  4. Optimize your investment portfolios, based upon the latest local growth and forecasts

Real estate agents using our software get accurate and current information about their local market. With this information they know which areas grow rapidly, where people spend money on houses. That helps them sell houses, where it has the most chance to be sold. By using our reports, real estate agents can present themselves as professionals and persuade clients by showing future growth of the value of the house in that area.


  1. Wow clients with real-time heatmaps that measure and analyze any local market in seconds
  2. Build strong strategic advantages and grow your business
  3. Create slick and custom listing and client reports, to close more sales
  4. Be your client’s superhero with Zip Analyser – Increased ROI, sales, and revenues

5.         Establish yourself as the expert in your area and dominate your competition

Although, there is no direct competitor offering the most current, and monthly updated, local market information analysis based on current Social-economic information, demographic and economic data and growth patterns online, there are a number of firms that provide real estate data. The biggest of these firms is ESRI provides some GIS software and some stale yearly data that businesses can license and programed desktop applications. REIS Reports and Real Capital Analytics provides macro reports from $100 to $10,000, that do not include any growth patterns of the latest social-economic factors that will affect price changes.


Zip Analyser transforms very large complex data sets into meaningful information. Other competitors only have yearly market (metro area) data and long reports, and just republish standard property data of low value, since this data has little influence on future price changes.  Zip Analyser is updated daily, since current information and relative local market information is what matters in making smart real estate decisions.


There are several real estate website online which offer “current market data”, but this data is based on outdated forecasts and 10-year old Census data. Industry research analysts such as CoStar, Reis, Inc. and Moody’s Analytics can charge thousands of dollars for market forecasts, with Zip Analyser real estate investors have current real-time market data at their fingertips, anytime.  This table shows more info too.

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