Zip Analyser is a web-based real estate data and information company. We developed a software platform that aggregates and displays the latest block, tract, zip code, and broader market levels growth patterns. Get updates on monthly/quarterly leading demographic indicators and leading economic indicators that have a significant effect on the future of real estate prices. Heat-maps inputs can be displayed and customized based on user preference. Zip Analyser has developed and owns its software and subscribes to the data it offers.
Zip Analyser provides current data and has developed a unique and proprietary predictive model to look at future values in 12, 24, and 36 months. Zip Analyser creates additional unique and proprietary information products to sell and use to create awareness and to build brand value.


Zip Analyser – offering real estate investors, brokers, and small businesses, solutions on the exact best place and time, to buy or sell to maximize profits

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