Financial Services

We provide the information and tools necessary for: improved risk models, more accurate local market analytics, and the ability to cherry-pick local trends to invest and sell smart and fast.

Improved Risk Models

  • Gain access to critical hard-to-find local aggregated data, with real-time local analytics to find the optimal local markets to expand your business
  • We aggregate critical data, saving your business hundreds of man hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Increase transitions, and improve market share, profit margins, and risk models
  • Bring whole solutions that are proven and ready for market
  • Proper risk/reward assessment based upon current local market growth facts
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and submarket growth patterns
  • Competitive advantage – offer more competitive rates with better risk assessment

Accurate Local Market Analytics

  • Eliminate guesswork, false assumptions, and months of driving around and data compilation
  • Process unique pre-processed growth data and arranged in a manner to convey knowledge of all submarket market and analytics
  • Reduce and eliminate unnecessary driving around, to determine the latest local market trends and local market trends, conditions, and growth patterns
  • Done-for-you technology, with no expensive data or software to buy, or requiring any GIS programming
  • Ease of use, slick intuitive interface, and technology with mobile applications, are keys in today’s new technologies

Improved Efficiencies

  • Motivated buyers/clients – they have real $$$$ at stake. On all sides, the Broker, Buyer, and Investor
  • More stable commissions and income
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing submarket market conditions and growth
  • More quality leads that convert
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies in over 300,000 US markets
  • Become an expert in your market with real-time data visualization and submarket reports detailing critical local growth patterns. Incorporate graphs, tables, and maps to enhance your presentation
  • Quickly drill down from a macro view to individual Block Groups or Tracts, to understand the market movers, and what drives local land prices
  • Better advanced marketing tools, and submarket market custom reports

Cherry Pick Local Trends to Invest – Sell Smart and Fast

  • Cherry pick loan pools and investment portfolios based upon latest local market trends and 36-month Block Group forecasts to lower risk and increase profits
  • Knowledge is king – knowing instantly which loans or assets to keep in your portfolio, can make or break investment returns
  • Better lead-gen, on-boarding, and training/education on the better solutions
  • More value to your customers/clients
  • Better MBS creation, portfolio management, and buying/selling loan polls

Zip Analyser is the only data visualization technology that instantly displays the most current demographic and economic growth data online today.

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