How real estate works and new technology to improve it

FYI Here is how things currently work in the USA.

People search for properties, and then services toss in yearly demographic and economic data. Sometimes this data tossed in is free, sometime services charge hundreds of dollars per report for stale yearly useless data.

This does NOT address the issue of exactly where to buy and when to sell, nor real estate risk, or real estate portfolio management. New real estate technology is needed.

Current demographic or economics or leading indicators are not on the web. Zillow does not have it, nor CoStar or the MLS. Thus I buy and aggregate this data. Anyone can buy it, then what? This data cannot just be republished, since this would break any license agreement.

Zip Analyser shows the data in growth, what has changed….in reports and heatmaps.

Thus the new search model is or could be or will be when we launch next week:

People search for properties, and match up the latest growth to validate a good investment.

This NEW search addresses the “where” part.

And our forecasting model of prices is better than anyone’s, which addresses the “when” on when to sell to max returns.

So this is disruptive and unique. If any questions, ask away..

Eddie Godshalk
CEO, founder,

About Zip Analyser
Zip Analyser is the first company to provide current local market growth data online. We are opening up a whole new different data category of local market intelligence. With different data, real estate professionals can make more sales and profits.

Better Data – Better Results.

Any questions?

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