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A Simple, Easy, And Reliable Way For Your Brokerage To Get More Clients, Help Them Make Better Decisions, And Make More Money

Masterclass Presentation: May 23 , 2022 7pm CST

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Secret 1

Why relying on MLS Data alone will leave your Brokerage outdated and cost you clients and money.

Secret 2

The “1 Report” that will increase your prospects, convert more of them to clients, and close on more sales than ever before.

Secret 3

The “Most Current Market Data” that is not on the internet or MLS, but has a HUGE effect on the Risk and Opportunities for your clients.

Secret 4

The “#1 Place To Find Emerging Markets”.If you want to help clients: make better buying/selling timing decisions, purchase for redevelopment or investment opportunities, then this is a MUST HAVE.

Secret 5

A new market prediction technology that will help make smarter, faster, and more reliable decisions to increase the value of your client’s investment or profit from the sale of their home.

Eddie Godshalk

Your Host: Eddie Godshalk

Eddie Godshalk is the founder of Zip Analyser. He has over 20 years of experience in the finance and Real Estate industry, been licensed in four states, and has purchased more than 40 investment properties. Being able to make informed decisions is the key to success in real estate and having accurate local real estate forecasts is the key to informed and smarter decisions.

Since such data did not exist, Eddie founded Zip Analyser to provide it

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Eddie Godshalk

Your Host: Eddie Godshalk


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Learn how we can help you gain success. We will show what new and more current data can do for you and your business.