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What you will learn:

How to access real-time market data ever online for your websites.
How to reduce the time and cost of data while improving its value to access profitable deals. The same information the big retailers spend a fortune on.
How we built our SaaS and API applications to replace expensive systems that until now were out of the reach of most real estate professionals. How you can gain exclusive access.

5 ways you will make money with Zip

1. Be Unique, have unique data. Login, type in an address, render fast, and see latest growth data. Not available anywhere else online. Therefore, drive your authority, sales, and profits

2. Improve your website and authority. Add widgets, lead magnets, and landing pages to your website. Exclusive sales authority

3. Leverage APIs. Analyze local markets with unparallel data. Build custom research and reports. Save time and increase profits.

4. Save time and money. Reduce months / weeks / days of research to minutes. No more old market data needed those lacks real-time market intelligence.

5. Become an exclusive strategic partner and seed investor. Get all this, over $271,460 in value. Partner with us. Exclusive territory for 1-year. Exclusive partner. Very limited. First come, first served. With multiple seats and benefits.


Presented by: Eddie Godshalk, CEO

Licensed in four states. Purchased over 100 homes. Accumulated over $10M in assets. MBA – Focused on building Automatic Valuation Models (AVM) and Future Value (FV) Models.

From the pain of seeing my family, friends, fellow agents, and investors lose millions. I became driven to find the answers, and figure out what I, and others, could have done, to prevent millions in losses. After years of data aggregation and development, we are revealing our solutions to a few Exclusive Strategic Partners.

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