Maximize your profits while minimizing risk

Make smarter real estate investments and more profits with new data and technology

Save Time and Reduce Driving and Costs

  • Reduce and eliminate the necessity of driving around, to determine the latest local market trends and local market conditions
  • Reduce unnecessary driving around, to discover the latest submarket growth patterns, that driving around cannot answer

Discover and Identify Top Local Markets

  • Discover which metro market and local markets are hot-or-not, in a few clicks
  • Identify potential investment opportunity by targeting growing / merging markets that meet your specific weighted criteria
  • Data-maps tell the growth patterns and where to buy, dots-on-maps or mashup can’t come close
  • Discover your true risk and expected ROI, instead of simple single variable linear trends
  • Quickly and easily become local expert on your market

Timing – Time the Submarket Markets Right for Max ROI

  • Know when to sell to maximize your revenues, while reducing risk
  • Assess the stage of the market cycle – when to buy, sell or hold – on over 300,000 US markets
  • Real market data, not out-of-date market forecasts and stale reports – accurately predict market trends to give you a competitive advantage
  • Capture the biggest gains in the shortest time by discovering hot local spots in order to get higher ROI in any market
  • Spot foreclosures prior to the bank, to generate higher commission
  • Reduce risk, holding times, and carrying costs to maximize ROI

Eliminate Guesswork

  • Discover your true risk and expected ROI, instead of guessing and false assumptions about continued growth and simple linear trends
  • Discover your true risk, instead of guessing and false assumptions
  • Eliminate the guesswork and manual labor to accurately determine current and future home price values
  • Discover real information backed up with data, rather than anecdotal news information
  • Compare markets dynamically to make smarter investments, investment portfolios, and project decisions
  • Huge reduction of opportunity loss, with alerts on when to sell, and where to invest

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