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Any purchase or sale of real estate carries with it an element of inherent risk. On the other hand, the unsystematic risk may be managed, in contrast to the uncontrollable nature of systematic risk. Unsystematic risks include a high rate of personnel turnover, employee strikes, and higher operational costs, to name just a few examples, while systematic risks are caused by macroeconomic factors such as inflation and an increase in the unemployment rate.

After we have accurately identified and assessed the risk, the next step is to evaluate the potential returns in light of the dangers that may be involved. There are many kinds of dangers, and it is critical to have a solid understanding of how the risks influence the returns on real estate investments and how to best protect against them.

1) Physical Asset Risk

The risk that an investment property would suffer unanticipated charges or capital expenditures as a result of its physical condition is referred to as the physical asset risk. This is especially true for older houses that have had poor maintenance throughout the years. These properties may require expensive repairs or improvements, which will have an effect on the investment’s potential for profit.

Before committing to a transaction, investors can mitigate the risk associated with the ownership of physical assets by performing technical due diligence. Assessing the property’s structural stability, determining the state of the mechanical and electrical equipment (such as lifts and air conditioning units), determining whether the property complies with the most recent building codes or regulations, performing environmental inspections, and other important aspects are all important considerations. When the technical condition has been determined, there may be opportunities to negotiate a reduction in the purchase price.

2) Geographic or Market Risk

The property’s geographic location determines the population, demography, and job growth within the property’s market. All of these factors can potentially influence the size of the tenant pool and the demand associated with it. Primary markets that have a bigger tenant pool provide a cushion in the case of a market downturn; nevertheless, these areas may also be priced more than other markets.

A significant component is the real estate market in which the investment property is situated. Strong markets are typically characterized by high occupancy rates and rental prices that continue to rise gradually over time. Both a surge in the number of new developments occurring within the market and a slowing economy are examples of market risk factors. 

3) Development Risk

When a piece of real estate needs considerable development or redevelopment, there is a risk connected with the development of the property. Depending on the circumstances, this risk might be a construction risk or entitlement risk.

The risk of construction is the possibility that a project will not be finished within the allotted amount of time, which will result in increased construction expenses, or that errors will be discovered after the project has been finished. Suppose the investment will involve some form of property development. In that case, it is essential to make certain that the sponsor has a suitable amount of experience in the administration and management of building projects.

4) Leasing or Vacancy Risk

If not leased out within a specific time frame at a targeted rental rate, leasing risk is possible. As a direct consequence of this, these apartments sit empty for a considerable amount of time. The sponsor of a property with unoccupied units typically intends to rent out those units in the coming months.

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