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Nowadays, having real estate mapping software is an absolute must, regardless of the type of real estate you are involved in purchasing and selling, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial. You not only need to be able to manage your own properties, but you also need to have access to all the information that is available to get a profound understanding of the land, track market trends, and have a way to graphically communicate all of this information to other agents and customers. Zip Analyzer gives you the ability to perform all that and a great deal more. Explore parcel data, construct databases of properties, produce mailing lists, evaluate comparable sales, acquire knowledge about significant land features such as soil types and floodplains, insert images and videos into your maps, and share them with anybody you like. Because of our mobile app, you are able to take Zip Analyzer with you no matter where you go, which ensures that you will never be without access to this effective marketing tool.

The Zip Analyzer Data Visualizer is a cutting-edge new data-mapping system that outperforms any other online tool in terms of providing the most up-to-date demographic statistics and socioeconomic aspects.

Zip Analyzer is the only online data source for current local market growth that is available online. In our brand-new Data Visualizer tool, we provide this growth data in a current and real-time manner. Make use of the territory tool to subdivide your map into a variety of distinct residential zones and neighborhoods. Once you have determined the limits of your territory, you should post demographic information such as housing, age, education, income, transportation, labor, gender, and other categories within those boundaries.

Here are some alternatives:


This web-based software program will convert the data from your spreadsheet into a map that is stored in the cloud and hosted online. It enables you to input big data sets with a maximum of 15,000 locations and provides text navigation with turn-by-turn instructions. The contour lines, also known as the radius around points, are the application’s primary selling point because they enable users to visualize the distribution of distances based on specific places. In addition, you have the ability to personalize your map by applying styles, pins, pin labels, filters, and many levels of heat maps. In addition, you have the option to set filters, which will further narrow down your choices.


Your data from your spreadsheet will be converted into a specialized Google Map by using Maptive. It has radiuses, route planning, custom colors, geographic borders, census data, heat maps, and color coding for geographic areas. The geographic information system (GIS) and mapping platform developed by Google serves as the primary building blocks of this software. (Many people believe that this particular platform is currently the most effective GIS system available on the market.) You can import data from a wide number of sources and then layer that data on top of one another on the map. After that, the information will be made accessible in the form of an interactive map, on which you will be able to conduct analyses utilizing heat maps, boundaries, demographic data, and radiuses. Every map is available for download as a pdf and can be printed out. In addition, the website for Maptive includes in-depth training and explanations on how to make the most of the software.

Google My Maps

Through the use of My Maps, you will have the ability to generate a personalized map that can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices. The application is easy to understand and use. Alternately, if you are standing at a position that you want to keep, you have the option to “drop a pin” on your map, which will mark that area. Markers can be added, and routes can be planned. However, you are unable to upload data from a spreadsheet, and the amount of control over the appearance that may be exercised is restricted.

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