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It seems like there is a new real estate technology company founded every single day. When so many businesses compete for customers’ attention in the same industry, it can be difficult to tell which ones are going to go away quickly and which ones are worth keeping an eye on.

  • Zip Analyser

Providing solutions to real estate investors, brokers, and small businesses on the exact ideal place and timing to buy or sell in order to optimise earnings from real estate transactions. These days, real estate investors and syndicators have access to a mishmash of neither adequate nor reliable tools. Acquiring a comprehensive view, current market data, or the insight necessary to make knowledgeable and profitable decisions in real-time is not feasible with any other technology.

The vast majority of the 7 million real estate brokers and investors do not have access to up-to-date (monthly or quarterly) economic and demographic data, nor do they have access to trustworthy local estimates. The creation of offline systems that are already in use is likewise extremely pricey, costing more than half a million dollars, and incurring large ongoing data costs. They also require a significant amount of time. Zip Analyzer is a straightforward solution that merely requires the user to point and click, which is exactly what is necessary.

The data visualization platform Zip Analyser offers the most recent statistics regarding demographic and economic trends, in addition to providing reports and a local real estate market forecast that extends for a period of 36 months.

If they use the demographic and economic growth information provided by Zip Analyser, residential and commercial investors will be able to increase their profits. This is the first tool of its kind that uses the technology behind data mapping.

  • Cubicasa

Cubicasa is a two-dimensional digital floorplan generator that makes it simple, quick, and dependable to create accurate floorplans of any property that can be used by several people and shared online. Any iPhone or Android smartphone in working order can now be used to complete a procedure that previously required a large number of personnel, in-depth laser measurement equipment, and a longer turnaround time of several days or even weeks. 

Cubicasa is providing a sophisticated and customer-oriented answer to a challenge that many people working in the real estate industry are encountering.

The vast majority of prospective buyers and renters of the residential real estate agree that top-down floorplans are essential to the decision-making process throughout the latter phases of the home shopping process. Cubicasa was able to solve this issue by utilizing the technology that the majority of real estate brokers already carry with them at all times. Furthermore, the majority of floor plans cost less than $30 each to purchase.

  • Domotics

Domotics is a platform for real estate marketing and communication that makes virtual meetings with customers more productive and interactive and provides them with the information they need to make judgments about properties in a shorter amount of time.

The information you receive on Domotics is not new; its user-friendly interface provides purchasers with the same photographs, virtual walkthroughs, videos, and property information they would see on their local MLS or on a third-party site. Nevertheless, if you use Domotics, you will have access to a platform that was created with collaboration in mind; you will be able to connect with your customers in real-time from any location, walk them through all of the material, and respond to their inquiries, and customize their experience. Imagine if Zillow and Zoom were combined to create Domotics.

Because the capabilities offered by Domotics are both so intelligent and so easy to use, it is, to be perfectly honest, surprising that we haven’t seen other platforms adopt them at this point. Domotics enables real estate brokers to curate their customers’ online experiences by guiding them virtually through available homes, providing real-time responses to their inquiries, and providing additional services such as face-to-face video and live chat. All of these are absolute level-ups for real estate agents and brokers who are eager to serve their customers with premium services.

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