Residential Brokers/Agents

Zip Analyser is built to provide real time analytics to the Real Estate Industry and bridge the gap between data accessibility and analysis. Zip Analyser collects, funnels, and analyzes leading economic indicators and demographic growth instantly, all within one easy-to-use, residential real estate technology platform.

Leverage Leading Demographic and Leading Economic Indicators

Zip Analyser aggregates years of monthly data sets from 18+ reliable data brokers and sources. The data is then cleaned, organized, and overlaid with hundreds of monthly variables-some of which are listed below. Advanced real estate forecasts are applied and the platform instantly calculates growth.

Zip Analyser changes hard-to-find datasets into visual information, and finds “unseen” correlations, to help businesses gain a strong strategic advantage. Our propriety real-time data mapping software takes a quantum leap in real estate investing, with local residential and commercial real estate analysis as to what WILL affect LOCAL price changes. With our local forecasting models, and user-generated data-maps, businesses and investors will finally be able to make smarter decisions, no matter if the local market is going up or down in value, or in their backyard, or 3,000 miles away. Our Future Value (FV) models that focus on expected appreciation or depreciation, with a Margin of Error ± 2.5%.

Change demographic & leading economic indicators on the fly and create powerful custom reports that instantly highlight neighborhood growth, down to city block level. Leverage real time analytics and take advantage of overlooked opportunities. Pinpoint hot buys to drive sales and profits from real estate market trends no one else has yet discovered.

Apply Precise Decision Making

Using Zip Analyser gives industry professionals an edge on the competition and takes the risk out of residential and personal real estate decision making. Save time and money by learning city block trends and leading economic indicators, that can make or break a real estate deal.

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