We provide you with everything necessary to access the latest leading demographic indictors and leading economic indicators for proper site selection and location analysis.

Access the Most Current Local Demographics and Economic Growth Data

  • Access the most current submarket growth economics
  • Make smarter fundamental, quantitative location-based decisions based upon current submarket trends
  • Help your clients make smarter investments and site selections
  • Access the most current submarket growth demographics
  • Identify underserved industry segments for potential businesses in your local and submarket markets

Leverage Real-Time Heatmap Technology for Planning

  • Location decisions are said to be the most fundamental decisions in retail because they are directly connected to their ability to deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time
  • GIS helps retailers make these strategic business plans, understand customers, and evaluate current submarket market potential, and growth patterns
  • Create a game plan for turning your business intelligence into more valuable, actionable information
  • Start by understanding the “where” in over 360,000 US markets, and where your business fits
  • Leverage GIS (Geographic Information System) statistical analysis and database technology to help your business view spatial data, all in real-time and on all mobile devices
  • Advanced GIS helps you to increase productivity and decrease costs and risk
  • The ideal platform – delivers monthly and quarterly economic and demographic growth patterns, with a continual process of collecting and optimizing critical datasets that affect retailers ROI and profits

Improved Efficiencies

  • Motivated buyers/clients – they have real $$$$ at stake. On all sides, the Broker, Buyer, and Investor
  • More stable commissions and income
  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing submarket market conditions and growth
  • More quality leads that convert
  • Expand your reach and your ability to operate across geographies in over 300,000 US markets
  • Become an expert in your market with real-time data visualization and submarket reports detailing critical local growth patterns. Incorporate graphs, tables, and maps to enhance your presentation
  • Quickly drill down from a macro view to individual Block Groups or Tracts, to understand the market movers, and what drives local land prices
  • Better advanced marketing tools, and submarket market custom reports

Analyze Your Local Market and Submarket Performance

  • Advanced analytics and due diligence at the submarket block group level – on all markets
  • Analyze growth data such as disposable income, population growth, net worth growth, and dozens of other critical local growth factors – access to leading economic indicators that affect land prices
  • Match the right property to the right growing local market
  • Expert market planning and site selection
  • Quickly assess submarket market conditions and forecast performance

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