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You will receive ten distinct explanations if you pose the question, “What does “rapid growth” mean?” to ten different experienced real estate investors.

Cash flow, yield, and property appreciation are three of the most frequent financial measures utilized in determining whether or not an investment in real estate could be lucrative. In general, markets that are attractive to investors in rental property are those that are seeing robust job growth, expanding populations, and rising rents.

Even experienced real estate investors perceive data in a variety of ways. In this piece, we will investigate the rankings given by four of the most prominent real estate organizations in the United States for the real estate markets that are expanding the quickest.

Urban Land Institute’s list

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is the world’s oldest and largest network of specialists from a variety of fields who are knowledgeable about real estate and land use. The organization’s experts are actively involved in topics such as housing and communities, real estate financing and investment, innovation in development practice, and shaping successful cities and regions. The group has 40,000 members worldwide.

The study on Emerging Trends in Real Estate has been produced annually by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in collaboration with the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) brand of professional financial services for the past 41 years in a row.

The top 10 markets feature a significant presence from mid-sized markets such as Austin, Charlotte, and Nashville, and they have also successfully drawn venture capital on a consistent basis.

A “simmering cauldron of demand for shelter, hampered by an inadequate supply of new development and construction” is how the Urban Land Institute (ULI) describes the single-family housing patterns that will shape the market through 2030. In point of fact, it is anticipated that single-family rentals will become a key magnet of housing desire, which has the potential to irrevocably alter the purpose of owning a home.’s list, which owns, is a subsidiary of News Corp, a publicly-traded business that operates in the mass media and publishing industry. News Corp is the parent company of Dow Jones & Firm, which is the company that publishes The Wall Street Journal. NAR, the most influential professional organization in the real estate sector, has been the company’s business partner for a significant amount of time.

The ranking of each of the most important real estate markets in the United States, as determined by’s Top Housing Markets for 2022 prediction, takes into account factors such as supply and demand, house sales, and affordability. The GDP, monetary policy, and the effect of the Federal Reserve on mortgage interest rates, employment levels, consumer confidence, and the general economic outlook for the United States are all examples of macroeconomic elements utilized in the housing forecast.

Policygenius’s list

It is an online insurance marketplace that allows investors to examine the coverage options leading insurance firms to offer landlord insurance and purchase policies online. Since being formed, it has amassed sales of more than 140 billion dollars worth of protection.

The company looked at home valuations and appreciation statistics, the effective property tax rate, the rent-to-home value ratio, and the rent-to-income ratio. The data for these ratios came from Zillow and the United States Census Bureau. Policygenius conducted an analysis of more than 600 cities.

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